Stephanie Howard

HOW AND WHY is an Innovation and Design consulting studio.  We work with purpose-driven companies to identify gaps in consumer expectations, anticipate future needs, create a roadmap of opportunity, and design product solutions.

With over 20 years of experience including a Design Director role at Nike Inc, and Innovation Director at Seventh Generation, founder Stephanie Howard formed HOW AND WHY in 2010 to guide Innovation Strategy and Creative Direction for leading mission-driven brands.  Prior to this, she laid the foundation for advanced innovation strategy at Seventh Generation – voted in the Top 10 of Fast Company magazine’s Most Innovative Consumer Products Companies, and a leader in corporate responsibility.  Her strengths include the ability to translate cultural shifts into visual communication, empathy and dedication to discovering end user aspirations, and the know-how to manifest those in products and strategies.  Her experience leading diverse teams in Creative Problem Solving process has driven meaningful solutions through guided workshops with clients. She is dedicated to using design thinking to create solutions for those who are most vulnerable.   
Outside of work, Stephanie loves spending time with her husband and daughter being active outdoors... with a special place in her heart for snowboarding and hiking.

HOW AND WHY collaborates with a multidisciplinary network of design and development professionals as needed per client project.